Powell-Peralta Beaver Mountie Re-Issue

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1990 Powell-Peralta Kevin Harris Beaver Mountie Re-Issue - Black Stained. Only 250 available. All Black Stained decks come with a numbered double sided print of Sean Cliver's original Beaver Mountie sketch, as well as original final concept black and white graphic faxed over from Powell-Peralta in 1990 for approval. 

Deck Wheelbase 10.625"

Deck Length 26.6"

Deck Width 7"

Deck Nose 5.75"

Deck Tail 5.875"

"In 1990 Powell-Peralta issued my second graphic, an almost mirrored image of the first. In over 30 years, this graphic has not been re-issued or reprinted on anything from Powell-Peralta... Until now. This classic black stained Sean Cliver Beaver Mountie graphic is part of a 250 run of freestyle decks and is the first to ever be re-issued. This is an authentic deck which is only available through my site and trusted friends in the industry. I hope you enjoy it." - Kevin Harris